CORE Crush

Build A Strong Core

Fix the CORE of your Back Pain

Raise your hand if you've tried to work your core with regular crunch exercises.

Most people have NO IDEA how to tap into the DEEP core muscles (not your abs), and spend years with back pain that can easily be improved with more core stability.

It's A FACT: The core is the spine’s safety belt, and srengthening it should be your #1 goal.

Why You Need the Core Crush Series

  • You know you should be strengthening, but you've been on trial and error mode for months, or years now. You do random exercises without proper directions and don't feel like you're progressing with your pain relief.
  • Without a proper strengthening program, your muscles will only get weaker, resulting in even more pain and discomfort. 5-10 Minute routines are all you need to tap into the deep core.
  • No matter where you are at right now, you can work on rebuilding your strength back. If I did it, you can do it too. I will take you through each exercise so you feel supported every single time you login to do your routines.

Access 10 Exercise Routines to help you tap into the deeper core muscles, and stabilize your spine.

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Hey, If we haven't met already, I'm Sofia Habity.

I help back pain warriors get their strength back, alleviate chronic pain and empower them to live a healthy, pain free life. I do this by merging low impact strength training techniques, postural therapies, and mobilization exercises that restore proper movement. I've helped people regain confidence in their bodies, and their ability to heal.

I believe in the body's ability to recover and heal, and also the importance of being part of an empowering community that helps us conquer our fears, and embrace our strengthens to achieve our goals.

I am a certified strength coach, and fitness trainer. I've also suffered from back pain for years. I can confidently say that without exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, I wouldn't be here today doing what I do. Strength training has allowed me to build my mental strength and get my body back after years of suffering. I remember endless, sleepless nights where I could not roll over from the excrutiating pain. I totally forgot what being pain-free felt life. After many months of feeling lost and hopeless, I decided that giving up on myself was not an option for me. So if you are in that place right now. Know that you are not alone.

If you are so ready for change, I am ready to help you.

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Sofia Habity
Sofia Habity